About Us

The original Italian company was created in 2010 with the primary purpose of producing and bringing onto the market the innovative Easy Gate System, just created and patented a couple of years earlier in the area of Padua (near Venice) by a skilled Italian craftsman with the assistance of an expert in electronics. 

Since its inception, Spazio Innovazioni Srl joined forces with an established and well known electronic company in the area, Dese Elettronica Srl, which brought in the manufacturing know how and facilities for the production of this new gate operator. With its electronic devices Dese Elettronica was, and still is, supplying big corporations in the lighting field and some of the main automotive manufacturers.

Probably, Easy Gate System cannot be called just a “gate operator”, since the variety of its applications continues to increase year by year. It started with sliding and telescopic gates, but soon it was used with skylights, sliding canopies, swimming pool telescopic enclosures , sliding glass windows, just to mention its most common uses so far. 

The peculiar features of the system make it revolutionary, when compared to the traditional gate operators, and, on top of its aesthetic qualities, allow it to move heavy structures with a relatively small force. “Small”, “out of sight”, “strong” and “safe” are its most frequently used attributes.

Believing in this product, Spazio Innovazioni is engaged in a continuous technical development having the dual purpose of improving its workability and fulfilling the request for new applications. This, for instance, brought in 2011, the “wired” version of its operator kits, which makes their installation very easy and fast. One of last innovations made is the motor with a rubber-coated wheel, for all those applications designed without a floor mounted track.

After having sold the product all over Italy, from the cold Alps to the hottest areas of Sicily, the company started to test the international market and began its current process of reaching countries throughout Europe and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. The mission and the purpose is to make Easygate System a worldwide renowned brand.

  • Easygate System Australia was founded in 2013
  • We are the only company to import the Easygate System in Australia 
"Our aim is to assist in the design of gates and a vast range of sliding structures, both residential and commercial, that would be complementary to the general features and appearance of the building. This involves imagination, vision and creativity with innovations that  have never been seen before.  ” – Frank Maroni

Easygate System can move anything, thus our new slogan is 'MOVE YOUR IMAGINATION'